Are You A Business Owner Looking For IT Support Or Phone Service?

Relax. We Have You Covered.

  • 1-hour or less average response time.
  • No contracts! We earn your business every month.
  • 15+ full time technicians ready to help you when you need it.
  • 30 years of experience supporting NC businesses.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with ComTech handling your technology needs.

schedule a 12 minute discovery call
schedule a 12 minute discovery call

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Why Choose ComTech?

5 Big Reasons Why Businesses in North Carolina Outsource
Their IT and Phone Support To ComTech:

  1. 1. Peace of Mind

    Get your time back! Let the ComTech team handle your technology needs so you can focus on your growing your business.

  2. 2. 1 Hour Response Time

    Delays are costly to your business and create stress. Within one hour a tech will be working on your request. You won’t be waiting days to get your problems solved.

  3. 3. Over 15 Full-Time Technical staff

    We work around the clock to ensure your business runs smoothly. We know business never stops. Our team is ready to help when you need us.

  4. 4. NO Nickel-And-Diming Or Fine Print

    We make it easy for you with our "one price covers it all" service model. We promise no surprise invoices or “gotchas”.

  5. 5. NO Contracts

    We earn your business by providing excellent service each month. No contract also allows for flexibility as you scale.

About Us

We not only provide fanatical IT services; we provide peace of mind. We do that by employing the best and brightest IT talent available. We don't use offshore IT support, speak down to our clients or try to overwhelm you with complex terms and concepts. ComTech's IT support team possesses a wide variety of skills, talents, experiences, and personalities. But, we all follow a set of core beliefs:

We believe business should not be transactional but should be relationship based. Our goal is not only to put out your immediate fire, but also to learn what makes your business work so we can recommend, maintain and support the IT solutions you need.

We're focused on solving your business problems. When situations arise, we want to solve the problem - not cover up the symptoms.

We believe technology should work for you and not just be there for the sake of technology. The latest gizmo may look impressive on your desk, but may not be serving your business needs. We actually listen to you and make suggestions that provide the best solution for your business needs and goals.

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