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Security for some companies is an afterthought. At ComTech, we take the responsibility of protecting our clients very seriously. We use enterprise grade protection software, enterprise grade firewalls and a multi-layered approach to securing your network both for cloud and on-premise protection. In addition, we also go the extra mile by having a third party security center monitor our own systems. Managed service providers are also a target for hackers so every precaution is taken to protect all assets. This is a significant difference between ComTech and other smaller firms that have no third party monitoring in force.

With ComTech’s Managed Network Security, you’ll enjoy:

  • Automatic security updates and patches with enforced policies
  • Enterprise grade anti-virus software for peace of mind
  • Managed Firewall solutions that have no upfront cost
  • Advanced protection such as 24/7 SOC (Security Operation Center) Monitoring is available

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Lisa Gabriel
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ComTech focuses on your network security so you don't have to. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your network, entry points, end points and cloud assets are monitored and covered.