New threats and versions of malware/ransomware grow every day. This is why large companies hire cybersecurity firms to come in and ensure their network is bulletproof from hacking attempts. Unfortunately small businesses do not have $50,000 a month laying around to put solely towards cybersecurity. This is where ComTech's Cyber Armor comes in.

Our Cybersecurity package is for companies who want to know for certain their business is protected. The biggest danger to your business is your employees and their actions. We use a Zero Trust strategy to all programs and employees. This simply means everything is a threat unless marked as safe. Most companies have the opposite way of thinking where everything is trusted until something bad happens. This is the old way of thinking and threats are often detected too late. Most ramsomware attacks rely on companies using the old traditional anti-virus and that just doesn't work anymore.

With ComTech’s Cyber Armor, you’ll get:

  • A proactive 24/7 SOC (Security Operation Center) watching for harmful security events.
  • Various security enforcements to prevent a hacker from logging into a user's account.
  • Office 365 Enhanced Security
  • Self-paced Cybersecurity employee training
  • $250,000 Cybersecurity Insurance
  • And much more!

Protecting your company from all threats new and old is a 24x7 job. Let our team handle that for you so you don't have to have a cybersecurity expert on staff.

Keeping your business secure and threat free cost much less than doing damage control after an attack. Being compromised by a threat or ransomware damages your reputation and interrupts your ability to do business. Let our team work with you to make sure that doesn't happen.

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We have been with ComTech for four years and we are raving fans. Their service is great, the team really knows their stuff and we know when we call them, they will have the answer. We even recommend ComTech ...Read More

Lisa Gabriel
Pinafore Wealth Counsel

ComTech focuses on protecting your business so you don't have to. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your network, data, computers and employees are protected.