Thank You So Much for Your Referrals!

We love when you are pleased with our services and recommend us to other business owners. If you know a business owner we can help, please urge them to give us a call. We are dedicated to offering them the quality service you’ve come to expect from the team at ComTech.

As a way of saying “thank you,” we will donate $50 to your favorite charity upon receiving the referral and scheduling an appointment. Once your referral becomes a client, your business will receive a full month of free service. The friend you refer will also receive a full month of free service when they join the ComTech family.

$50 donated to your favorite charity when your referral schedules an appointment

Your business will receive one full month of service free when your friend becomes a client.

Your referral will receive their first month of service free when they join the ComTech family.


So, You Might Be Wondering - Who Makes a Great Referral for ComTech?

Phone Services

  • A business owner not satisfied with their phone service, quality, equipment or support.
  • They never want their clients to hear a busy signal again!
  • They want the flexibility of using their computer, mobile phone or home office phone to make calls.
  • They want their phone bill to shrink year over year instead of going up!
  • They are tired of replacing their phone system over and over.

ComTech provides a future-proof VoIP phone system that can scale up and down based on your needs. Our shrinking phone bill decreases over time so your phone bill doesn’t continue to rise. Business never stops so we have a desktop app, mobile app and even the ability to take your business phone home so you can work from anywhere. Our unlimited friendly support provides peace of mind knowing you can get help 24/7 at no cost even if we have to go on site to your business.

IT Services

  • A business owner looking for an IT partner instead of a “please put out the fire” repair shop.
  • Typically, the business will have between 10 and 75 PC’s.
  • They don’t want to sign another contract.
  • Peace of mind knowing they have a technology partner who can take IT worries off their plate.

If a business has between 10 and 75 PC’s and needs help with its network, data backup, and security, they'll have the peace of mind knowing we've got their back 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Perhaps you know a business owner who needs a no-obligation second opinion about their technology game plan. Either way, ComTech can help!

Fill out the form below or give us a call at (336) 228-5200 to submit your friend’s information to us so we can start to help them today! If you prefer, feel free to text us at that number as well.

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