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If your using a technology partner and you don't have complete peace of mind, you are in the right place. Having a partner you can fully rely on is invaluable to your business. We understand you as a business owner have many responsibilities and all things technical should not be one. That feeling of overwhelm and frustration with your IT company should not be something you are worrying about. You have bigger fish to fry that will make a greater impact on your business and for your customers. If you have found a technology partner that fits like the perfectly shaped puzzle piece your organization was missing, then we congratulate you.

But if any of the following is true. . .

it may be time to reconsider your IT provider. Is it normal to wait days or even one day to get help when you have computer problems? Since you began working with your tech partner, has their strategy stayed the same for your business regarding cybersecurity and the way they protect your business? At times it feels like someone on your staff could do the same things your IT company is doing and you could save a lot of money. You signed a contract and everything was great at the beginning but since the honeymoon phase has worn off, you've noticed their service has started to decline. If you answered true while reflecting on your current situation then it might be time to see what another partner can provide. Scheduling a 15 Minute Discovery Call is exactly that. No hard selling, no signing on the dotted line, just an honest discussion to see if our team at ComTech can be the perfect puzzle piece you need at your organization.

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Being skeptical of how great the relationship is between us and our clients is perfectly reasonable. Take a look at why folks choose us. We have the most documented success stories out of anyone in North Carolina and there is a reason why. Read detailed success stories or hear from our raving fans to get a glimpse into the lives of the folks we help every day focus on their business. We want your name to be the next one on the list of our "Success Stories".

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You Cannot Go Wrong With Comtech!

I have NO idea how the maintenance agreements and service charges compare to other vendors in our area. I don’t NEED to know. The owner of ComTech is a man who believes in the Golden Rule and expects the same from his staff. It has been my ...Read More

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