Can I Take My Work Phone Home?

Working from home is great, but it is just not the same experience without your business phone. After all, your phone is how you keep in touch with your clients and gain more! Ethan gives a quick overview answering the question we are getting constantly which is "Can I take my phone home with me?" Checkout this quick video to learn if you can take your phone home with you.

Should I backup my machine?

Should I backup my machine?

I get this question rather often and the answer depends on a few things.  Consider what the machine or laptop is primarily used for.  There are multiple reasons why you might want to backup a workstation or laptop:

The machine contains data that for whatever reason is not being saved to a server and is considered valuable.

Is Your Password Really Compromised

Have you gotten an email that looks similar to the one shown below?  It can be a bit scary.

I know ******** is one of your passwords.  Lets get right to purpose. You may not know me and you're probably thinking why you are getting this e mail? No-one has compensated me to check about you.

All Backup Strategies Are Not the Same!

Backup is a common term tossed around these days.  However, backup is not what most businesses need.  Business Continuity is really the goal.  Think about it for a moment.  If you have a backup of all your data then that’s great, but it doesn’t actually get your network back up and running again.

Five Signs That It’s Time to Upgrade Your Business Phone System

No matter the size of your organization, your continued success depends on your ability to communicate seamlessly with your customers through their preferred channels. Whether it’s through email, social media, text messaging or your business phone system, your technology should support your ability to communicate smoothly without drawing any attention to itself or its shortcomings.