Can I Take My Work Phone Home?

Working from home is great, but it is just not the same experience without your business phone. After all, your phone is how you keep in touch with your clients and gain more! Ethan gives a quick overview answering the question we are getting constantly which is "Can I take my phone home with me?" Checkout this quick video to learn if you can take your phone home with you.

We’re Giving Away 500 Phones!

We recognize that non-profit organizations need good technology in order to more effectively and efficiently achieve their purpose. We also understand that when it comes to a new phone system, the initial outlay to purchase the equipment is often an obstacle to implementing a phone system that will better meet the organization’s needs.

Small Business Holiday Closing Guide

What do you need to think about before closing your business for the July 4th holiday? Imagine this being asked in a panicked tone at 4:50pm on July 3rd. Clients ask this question quite frequently when a holiday is approaching, so we wanted to take a moment to review our recommendations on planning for holiday closings.