Cybersecurity Lunch and Learn

We had a packed house today at the Alamance County Chamber of Commerce for the Cybersecurity Lunch and Learn. Mike Farlow with ComTech provided great information on current Cybersecurity issues and ways to protect your business.

Be on the lookout for another Lunch and Learn from us soon.

Fake Check Scams

A new scam has emerged that can put your hard earned money at risk. Fake check scams are becoming more common as they leverage payment as a bait to lure in their victims.

In this week's security tip video, learn more about these scams and some of the signs you should watch for.

How can I buy Microsoft Office?

I get this question quite often and rightfully so.  There are many ways to purchase Office and they can be confusing.  Depending upon your situation one method may be better than another.  Here are the top two ways most small / medium businesses purchase Office.