The Rest Is My Job

How would you like to be in the position to create the largest army that the world has ever seen (over 13 million soldiers) and do it mainly with people who have NEVER commanded troops in their life?

That was exactly the position General George C. Marshall found himself in during World War II. Not only did he have to assemble this incredible army, but he also had to do it in the shortest amount of time possible.

The #1 Mistake Companies Make With Their IT

If you’re like many businesses today, there’s a good chance you’ve made this one mistake with your IT security: you don’t budget for it.

Or if you do budget for it, it’s not enough to really protect your business.

Time and time again, business owners decide NOT to invest in IT services.

Adapt or Die: Surviving the Digital Transformation (Part Two)

A couple of years ago, I wrote about the digital transformation happening all around us.  Here’s a link to the original post in case you missed it.  Obviously the world is a much different place now.  We are all wearing masks and wondering how the nation (and world) is going to recover from COVID-19.  Our networks are also literally under attack with over 82% of US based companies admitting to some type of cyber incident in 2019.  The Fed is “printing money” at an unprecedented rate.

Cybersecurity Essentials: SOC 24/7 Monitoring

A Security Operations Center, or SOC, is a service that monitors and analyzes networks 24/7. Just a few years go, this technology was too expensive for most small businesses. However, with advances in Artificial Intelligence, efficiencies have increased, and this service is now affordable for all.

Cybersecurity Essentials: Computer Updates

At ComTech, we make sure that your computers and programs are updated regularly. Updates are included in our service, so we push out updates automatically to keep you safe and secure. But what should you do when these updates are not automatic?

It might be tempting to quickly dismiss updates for your computer or other programs without a second thought.

Cybersecurity Essentials: Strong Password Policies

A strong password policy is something that is extremely important, but often not put into place. When a company has a weak password policy or no password policy, there is potential for a major security breach in the network.

There are two main components of a strong password policy – using a complex password and having a lock out policy.

Cybersecurity Essentials: Cybersecurity Insurance

You have probably been approached by your insurance agent about buying cybersecurity insurance multiple times within the past few years. Cybersecurity is a real threat that has taken center stage recently as victims are no longer mega corporations, but rather small businesses that are typically unprepared and ill-equipped for a major cybersecurity event.

Why does Office 365 need to be backed up?

Let's talk specifically about outlook in today's blog related to Office 365. You probably use Outlook for all your email correspondence, contacts and scheduling. Imagine for a moment that a hacker got into your email and started deleting your folders. To make it worse, he emails back and forth with your accountant and deletes the message trail.